Hello. And hi.

Activity 3_Yeo Jun Jie

Activity 3- Tang Wen Yue

Activities_Neo Wei Hong

Here are my activities I have done:

Activity 2_Yeo Jun Jie

Activity - Tang Wen Yue

Activity 1_Yeo Jun Jie

Activity 1 - Tang Wen Yue

Tam Wai Hang Activity 1

Class Review 2010 Activity 3 (Sean Phua Aik Han)

Activity 1_Goh Chin Fan

Class Review 2010 Activity 2 (Sean Phua Aik Han)

Character Education Reflection

Class Review 2010 Activity 1 (Sean Phua Aik Han)

Sun Jie Min Activity 1

Hi again

Activity 1 Sun Jie Min


From Back to the Future

Activity 1_Goh Chin Fan

How I Manage Stress?

~michelle loh

How i manage stress-Shawn Lim

How I Manage Stress

How I manage stress

how i manage stress marcus

How I manage stress

How i manage stress.

Wong Jing Yi^^

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please notify the sender and delete it immediately. As it may contain
confidential information, the retention or dissemination of its
contents may be an offence under the Official Secrets Act.

How I Manage Stress?

~Michelle Loh

2010 Term 4 Time Table

Here are the time tables for Term 4.

Updating of Personal Particulars

Hi 107,

Please update your personal particulars, using the form.
Thank you.

Please click here.

Happy Birthday Singapore Activity 26 July 2010

Reflect on what it means to be a Singaporean/ to be in Singapore and our collective aspirations as a school and as a country.

1. Collect one big star each

2. Decorate the star with your favorite colours, writing your aspirations for yourself and for the country.

3. Submit the stars to their NE ambassador, Chin Fan( Index 1 to Index 10) and Zheng En (Index 11 to 21) who will paste the stars on the red pieces of papers provided.

28 June Target Setting

Hi 107,

To start the Semester on a brand new page, do complete the following.

Please click here for Target Setting.

Reflections on Paying Attention

Please email your reflections as a group to the Class Blog.

One Seven UP

Dear 107,

With effect from Monday 12 April 2010. We will be moving UP to Level 4.
Cya all on Monday.

Reminder for 7th April 2010

Tomorrow, please bring...
1. Chinese newspaper as Mdm Yeo would like to go through it in class.
2. Readers Digest magazine for silent reading in the morning. *please do not read other story books as Mr Koh would like you to finish reading the Readers Digest first*
3. For those who did not bring the consent form today, please bring tomorrow and hand it to Dionne in the later part of the day.

Class Vision

Dear 107,

Here are the class vision that your classmates has brainstorm and come up with =)
Do take a look and vote for your favorite one simply go up to Darius and tell him the number of your choice. Thank you.

1 One Class, One Heart, One Seven UP!
2 Do or Do not, there is no Try!
3To be a WE Community instead of a ME community
4 Glow individually, Shine as ONE
5 Peace it does not mean to be in a place where there is no trouble, noise or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. -Stephanie Germonotta
6Distinctly Bold, Standing out, not afraid to attempt what others have failed at.
7 To strive for the best.
8 To strive as a team with innovation and pride.

Homework for 30 March 2010

1. Please do the S&W warm-up video by the next S&W lesson which is on thursday, next week.
2. 做课本 page 50 - 51
3. Finish the Math Formula on Numbers. By Wednesday.
4. Visit the Math Blog for Homework.

* 听写四 第六课 - 星期三,3月7日2010年 *

CE Lesson (T2W2)

Creativity, Critical Thinking, Commitment, Courage, Confidence, Collaborative Skills, Communication, Intellectual Curiosity, Citizenship and Ethics, Cross-Cultural Understanding

Q1. Post in the blog the Cs you believe that you have demonstrate in your learning so far in SST.

Q2. Post in the blog the Cs you think you will need to develop further and explain why.

Definitions of the 10 Cs.

List down the definitions of the Cs.

Things to do for the LEAP Week

For Tomorrow:
1. Visit the ADMT Blog to do personal reflections.
2. Finish the IPW hand out by tomorrow as there is IPW workshop tomorrow.

* Mdm Yeo, the class set up a Homework Blog. Can we post homework there instead? I read one of the comments and Mr Johari said that posting homework on the class blog should be done sparingly. *

LEAP Geography Trail : Post-Survey

We hope that you have a wonderful and enriching moment in Sentosa. Pls goto http://tinyurl.com/surveyMlearning and complete this Post-Survey of the LEAP Geography Trail. Remember to to click on "Submit" after completing.

Staying in Level 1 for 107 Classroom

107 will be staying in Level 1 classroom until further notice.


About Mobile Learning on Wed

Hi 107,

Here are some information regarding tomorrow's activity.

Please wear your PE Attire ( with Shoes) for tomorrow activity.
Please bring along your Mac Book, writing instruments with you.
You need a plastic bag to water proof your Mac Book.
Please bring along poncho, raincoat, umbrella, sun block, water and take good care of yourself.

Remember to download some files before tomorrow activity.
Please come to school early to download the files.

You will be using M1 Vodafone
Go to Class Sharing Drive (Command +K)
Download M1-Vodafone USB modem Driver mpkg
Download Digital Map SST Sentosa Map jpg.

If you help problems, do get help from APPLE helpdesk.

Please remember your grouping
Team 49
Chin Fan

Team 50
Jing Yi
Zong Wei
Elgin Low

Team 51
Hao Yang
Jing Jie

Team 52
Elgin Patt

Team 53
Sean Phua
Shawn Lim
Sun Jie Min

Team 54
Wai Hang
Wen Yue
Jun Jie

Have fun LEAPING in Sentosa. Remember don't LEAP to Universal Studio! =)

Term 2 Class Time Table

LEAP Week Information

Dear 107,

Here are some information for the LEAP Week.
107 classroom will be shifted back to Level 4 from Term 2 Week 1.

1) In the event you are bringing your Mac Book to school, please lock your Mac Book in your locker if the particular learning experience do not need it.
You are to bring along writing instruments for your your activities.

2) Please be on your best behavior for these activities. Some reminders, when you are visiting the museum , Science Centre and New Water Plant. Please be observant and always remind one another to refrain from talking when the trainers are giving instructions.
As some of the places are enclosed, please whisper to one another when there is a need to, so that we don't caused inconvenience to the office staff working over there.

3) Please bring along a cap, umbrella or raincoat ( Poncho) for all the activities.

4) Tuesday 23 March (Be in full school uniform)
SST(0800-0900) - Brainstorm on ideas to make the classroom a more pleasant place to work in.
Math WS (0900 -1200) Please bring along your calculator and Writing Instruments.
IE-visit to Red Dot Museum (1330-1700) Please bring along your Writing Instruments

5) Wed 24 March (Be in full school uniform and bring PE Attire)
Please bring along your PE Attire and change into it in the afternoon as you will be proceeding to Sentosa for Mobile Learning.
Please bring along a small bag to keep your valuables, water bottle and umbrella or rain coat.

IPW Workshop- Mac Book and Writing Instruments.

Mobile Learning at Sentosa. Please lock your Mac Books in your lockers.

6) Thursday 25March (Be in full school Uniform)
SST- Decorating the class.
I&E workshop - Writing Instruments.

New Water Plant Visit- You will be in your ADMT groups, please bring along your camera, Handphone with camera to capture your learning experiences. Bring along your Writing instruments too.
Please listen to instructions and take care of one another in the plant.

7) Friday 26March
IPW WS2- Mac Book and writing instruments
Maths Trail and Science Workshop - Bring along your calculators and writing instruments.

Please bring along the hard copy of your time table that was given to you before school closed for holidays, so that you are aware of the different timing of each activity.
If you've misplaced it, please print one out.
Please write down the necessary items you need to remind yourself on the time table too.

Have a fruitful LEAP week. =)