Amazing Race Group Reflection

First of all, the surroundings of the neighborhood is very big. The HDB estates are quite old. The population is mostly made up of elderly which contribute to the number of elderly care center around here. There is fitness corner and gyms for people to work out and meet up with each other. So in conclusion this is a mature estate. There is quite a lot of litter as people do not have consideration for others. Those litter can provide breeding grounds for mosquitos. Moreover,  there is oil slick around that may cause people to slip and fall. The toilet near the McDonald is filled with stench as some inconsiderate people did not flush after their business. So the students could contribute by offering community service such as clean and green project. We can also visit the old people in the elderly care center and help them clean up. We can also send them food and keep them company by interacting with them. We can gather them for bonding on some festivals such as Lantern Festival. (I think that's all)

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