Badge Ceremony

Dear 107,

The Badge Ceremony is divided into 2 segment.

Class Segment



6.30 p.m. -6.50 p.m.

Arrival of Parents and Ushering them to respective venues by class Hosting team.

1. Students will serve parents refreshment in class.

2. Parents will view Student’s Individual Reflection on self-effectiveness in alignment with SST’s vision. Self-running commentary using Photobooth.
(may start earlier pending arrival of guests)

6.50 p.m.-7.30 p.m.

Class Presentation proper

1. Welcome by FT and class spokesperson
Class Spokesperson introduces himself/herself and introduces FT.

2. FT gives personal perspective and presents agenda for the Class Segment (7min)

3. FT Showcases Class Blogs. (5min)

4. Sharing on Students’ Learning Experience during Orientation week. (10min)
Zheng’en and Michelle will represent 107 to share key learning experiences during the Orientation Week

Hall Segment

7.55 pm to 9 .00 pm

Hall Programme

Please take note of the proceeding during assembly programme.

· Students move into Hall in the following order:

1-09 & 1-08 (both classes in single file and stand side by side, followed by

1-07 & 1-06; 1-05 & 1-04; 1-03 & 1-02 and 1-01 who will be the only class to line up in 2s.

· Emcee talks about significance and symbolism of badge ceremony

· Presentation of Badge by Principal to Class Representative (10min)
students move down aisle and collect FT along aisle

· Presentation of Badges at class level led by FTs

· Emcee invites the ‘pinning of badges’ at class level ’

· Emcee leads the batch in the recitation of badge pledge

· Emcee invites the batch to sing the Batch song

· Batch Song (10min)

9.00 pm to 9.15 pm

Cleaning Up

Thank you and have a memorable Badge Ceremony.


  1. What is the batch song? Is it 'One Moment in Time'?

  2. Mdm Yeo, is it possible to but links to our blogs on the class website ?

  3. Yes, I will link your blogs to the class blog by this weekend.