Bridge Building Activity � Debrief: Boyz

Bascule Bridge

This bridge consists of two separate movable platforms. It has a rope that constantly balances the "leaf", also known as the platform, throughout the upward swing in providing clearance for boat 'traffic" on the "river". Our concept of the Bascule bridge that we are currently building is similar to a draw bridge, except that our bridge has two "leaves" in it. Our bridge is lifted up using a series of pulley systems that is operated manually. The strings attached to both the top and underside of the "leaf" helps to adjust the bridge such that it's flat.


Mdm Yeo: How well do you think your group work together to complete the task on the scale of 10?

D: 4. Each person in the group had different thoughts of how it's designed. In the process, we did better as everyone knew what to do.

SL: 3. When I wanted to give ideas, the group doesn't listen.

SP: 2. At the start, we quarrelled about the design of the bridge, before and after the decision was made.

JJ: 4: There were many arguments among us. During discussions, we should not be shouting at each other. We had better teamwork when the bridge was being built as we had better communications and a similar goal.

SL: We should clarify jobs.

Mdm Yeo: How to let everyone share their ideas?

HY: Take turns to voice out your ideas starting from a volunteer or the leader. The same can be applied to commenting system.

Mdm Yeo: Do you think it's difficult to be in the many roles?

ZW: No. Other's can help fill in for me.

Mdm Yeo: Do you think it is better to be in many roles?

ZW: Yes.

Mdm Yeo: Who made the decision?

ZW: Project manager...

Mdm Yeo: How can you do better next time during the planning stage?

ZW: We must keep quiet and listen to each other before we react.

Mdm Yeo: We must think of a better idea instead of just commenting on one's idea.

SP: Listen to each other when one is speaking.

Mdm Yeo: Who is in charge of controlling the group?

D: Everyone. Everyone should be self-controlled and play their part in keeping quiet.

Lim Hao Yang, Darius Low, Chua Zong Wei, Sean Phua, Sean Lim, Lim Jing Jie

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