Definitions of the 10 Cs.

List down the definitions of the Cs.


  1. communication- the imparting or exchanging of information or news and understanding the information

    courage- the ability to do something that frightens one

    Curiosity- a strong desire to know or learn something

    Yeo Jun Jie, Hong Kai Xuan, Chua Zong Wei, Neo Wei Hong, Michelle Loh

  2. 9.citizenship and ethic : A legally recognized national.

    10.commitment:in emgagament or obligation to something.

    Elgin Patt, Emily Wu, Jing Jie and Wen Yue

  3. 7th C : to be able to understand the differences between races and culture and religions between different countries
    8th C : to be able to believe in oneself and not lose your final goal / destination.

    Darius Low
    Goh Chin Fan
    Marcus Au
    Wong Jing Yi