Homework for 10 March 2010

1. Edit your Digital Story based on what you learnt today during ICT lesson. The lesson plan is on the ICT google site.
2. Geography Map Book page 1 - 16 & 28 - 29. For page 1 - 16, please skip the questions on bearing. Due next Geography lesson.
3. Type out English Composition Correction. Due today 2359. Send to Mr Koh's email.
4. Research on the similarities and differences between the sperm and the egg. Due Friday, 11/3.
5. Math Textbook Try it 1! & Try it 2! Do in notebook. Due next Math lesson.
6. Upload Science abortion video onto the science blog by today 2359.


  1. Hi 1-07,

    I have been a follower of this class blog and appreciate the currency and relevance of this blog.
    A few comments and suggestions for improvement as this blog is in public domain.
    - great to update on tasks/homework to be completed but please be sparing with this
    - the focus should be on character building, responsible comments and suggestions by class
    - sharing of good stories by class
    - class reflections from CE or advisory periods.

    thank you
    Mr Johari

  2. umm may i request those who have not submitted their target setting thingy to be submitted by tomorrow? other than bo-chap ppl... face the conscequences:DD

  3. maybe we should make a class 1-07 homework blog... what do you think?