Homework for 4 March 2010

1. Submit WS on inference for register 1 - 4, into the submit folder. Due tomorrow
2. Read Chronology notes for History before the next lesson.
3. Find the difference between evidence and source and add to the list.
4. View Math Blog for the Homework. Textbook Exercises on Book B Due 8/3.
5. Finish project on Bus Timing. Due 5/3. tomorrow.
6. Geography Map Book Page 1 - 16.
7. Bring Camera and Pen on Friday 5/3 for Sports and Wellness test. View the S&W Blog for more details.
8. Pick a English article and explain why, give 2 examples on how it relates to you. Post it on your SST Blog. Due 5/3.
9. Copy Content page for Biology by Monday 8/3.
10. Prepare for Chinese Letter writing. Due next chinese lesson.


  1. Has everyone followed the S&W blog?

  2. I've sent everyone the content page. Please refer to SST email.

  3. hey maybe we should make a blog just for homework