Homework for 9 March 2010

1. Math Textbook Try it 1! & Try it 2! Do in notebook. Due next math lesson.
2. Research on the similarities and differences between the sperm and the egg. Due 10/3.
3. Geography Map Book page 1 - 16 and 28 - 29
4. Type out English Composition Corrections. Due 10/3. Send to Mr Koh via email.
5. Travel Declaration Form.
6. Do English Analysis Worksheet
7. Video on abortion


  1. hey may i know what the english analysis worksheet is?

  2. i think is the compo that one

  3. The English Analysis Worksheet is the one where Mr Koh states the different errors that classmates made. The name is Error Analysis Worksheet. You have to correct the errors before the next lesson.