LEAP Week Information

Dear 107,

Here are some information for the LEAP Week.
107 classroom will be shifted back to Level 4 from Term 2 Week 1.

1) In the event you are bringing your Mac Book to school, please lock your Mac Book in your locker if the particular learning experience do not need it.
You are to bring along writing instruments for your your activities.

2) Please be on your best behavior for these activities. Some reminders, when you are visiting the museum , Science Centre and New Water Plant. Please be observant and always remind one another to refrain from talking when the trainers are giving instructions.
As some of the places are enclosed, please whisper to one another when there is a need to, so that we don't caused inconvenience to the office staff working over there.

3) Please bring along a cap, umbrella or raincoat ( Poncho) for all the activities.

4) Tuesday 23 March (Be in full school uniform)
SST(0800-0900) - Brainstorm on ideas to make the classroom a more pleasant place to work in.
Math WS (0900 -1200) Please bring along your calculator and Writing Instruments.
IE-visit to Red Dot Museum (1330-1700) Please bring along your Writing Instruments

5) Wed 24 March (Be in full school uniform and bring PE Attire)
Please bring along your PE Attire and change into it in the afternoon as you will be proceeding to Sentosa for Mobile Learning.
Please bring along a small bag to keep your valuables, water bottle and umbrella or rain coat.

IPW Workshop- Mac Book and Writing Instruments.

Mobile Learning at Sentosa. Please lock your Mac Books in your lockers.

6) Thursday 25March (Be in full school Uniform)
SST- Decorating the class.
I&E workshop - Writing Instruments.

New Water Plant Visit- You will be in your ADMT groups, please bring along your camera, Handphone with camera to capture your learning experiences. Bring along your Writing instruments too.
Please listen to instructions and take care of one another in the plant.

7) Friday 26March
IPW WS2- Mac Book and writing instruments
Maths Trail and Science Workshop - Bring along your calculators and writing instruments.

Please bring along the hard copy of your time table that was given to you before school closed for holidays, so that you are aware of the different timing of each activity.
If you've misplaced it, please print one out.
Please write down the necessary items you need to remind yourself on the time table too.

Have a fruitful LEAP week. =)

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